In The Vineyard

The natural vineyard has an almost wild appearance, an environment where harmony between predators and prey reigns,, , a harmonious place full of life but where there is no trace of human intervention…

…Life in this vineyard is free to manage itself naturally, in fact, the greater the presence of organisms that will provide forpollination and the greater the possibility of having natural yeasts on the grapes will help transform the grape juice into wine. It is therefore essential to leave the right space for these helpers: through a natural management of the vineyard , we let life proliferate in the vineyard to increase what are the natural workers of the grapes, the yeasts.

What the wine will be able to express will be the reflection of what happens in the vineyard.
Nature recognizes nature, therefore to communicate with nature in the vineyard it is necessary above all for nature to be fully present in the vineyard, producing the best quality natural grapes, which will transform into the wine..

The presence of yeasts, represented by a light mist on the bunches , eat the sugar and transform the fruit into wine through spontaneous alcoholic fermentation. The strength of the alcohol will depend on the sugar concentration and on the fermentation process of the natural yeasts

In nature, everything is written. It is only necessary to support it and be the custodians of what happens naturally: the more yeasts you can concentrate in the vineyard and on the grapes, the greater the possibility of having a wine which is a perfect expression of the place – of that singular territory – and free to express all the life that it carries within itself.