The Dinamo agricultural program in collaboration with Danilo Marcucci..

After more than 40 years of wine production, Danilo Marcucci wanted to embrace the type of wines he made as a child with his grandfather . In the high vineyards east of Lake Trasimeno, the Nofrini family and Marcucci have managed to create an agricultural method that aims at producing pure and natural wines, with high nutritional and energy values…

Dinamo wines are inspired by the work of Antonio Pacinotti, an Italian physicist who invented the dynamo in 1860, a direct current generator with a simple mechanism that creates pure, clean and renewable energy.. “I made my first wine with my grandfather. My snack was homemade bread dipped in wine and a little sugar.. It was 1976 and the wine was natural and still had a high daily nutritional value and was an important source of energy for everyone, especially for those who had to face the days of heavy agricultural work… energy for the body and mind. I was inspired to rediscover my origins, with a passion that I have now built into this natural wine”.

Danilo Marcucci