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Programma Agricolo Dinamo e Danilo Marcucci

The Dinamo agricultural program in collaboration with Danilo Marcucci.

After more than 40 years of wine production, Danilo Marcucci wanted to embrace the type of wines he made as a child with his grandfather.

In the high vineyards east of Lake Trasimeno, the Nofrini family and Marcucci have managed to create an agricultural method that aims at producing pure and natural wines, with high nutritional and energy values…

The natural vineyard has an almost wild appearance, an environment where harmony between predators and prey reigns, a harmonious place full of life but where there is no trace of human intervention…

Once extraordinary grapes –
have been produced – having guaranteed the naturalness of the growth of the vines – then in the cellar all that remains is to take care of the path that nature has already written.

It is the result of an approach that starts from tradition – made of honesty, naturalness and from a spontaneous methodology, supported by modern knowledge that perfects that tradition…